Quality Policy and Ethics Rules

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OZNAKLIYAT safety policy states no harm to people and no accidents. Everyone who works for or on behalf of OZNAKLIYAT is responsible for their safety and the safety of those around them.
The following safety rules will be strictly enforced to ensure the safety of our people and our communities. OZNAKLIYAT - committed to “Safety is not chance factor by choice factor”
OZNAKLIYAT senior Fleet Safety leadership are accountable for communicating, training, implementing, and auditing these rules to assure compliance and performance.

Although embedded in each of these rules, it is important to emphasize that:

•    Work will not be conducted  without a pre-job risk assessment and a safety discussion appropriate for the level of risk.
•    All persons will be trained and competent in the work they conduct.
•    Personal protection equipment will be worn as per risk assessment and minimum site requirements.
•    Emergency response plans, developed from a review of potential emergency scenarios, will be in place before commencement of work.
•    Everyone has an obligation to stop work that is unsafe.

OZNAKLIYAT's “Golden Safety Rules” Are : (GSR)

•    Permit to Work
•    Working at Heights
•    Energy Isolation
•    Confined Space Entry
•    Lifting Operations
•    Management of Change
•    Vehicle Safety
•    Ground Disturbance

1.    Policy

    It is the policy of   OZNAKLIYAT to provide and maintain a safe working environment to protect our employees and the citizens of the communities where we conduct business from injury and property loss.  The company considers the use of Heavy Haulage Veichle part of the working environment.  The company is committed to promoting a heightened level of safety awareness and responsible driving behavior in its employees.  Our efforts and the commitment of employees will prevent vehicle accidents and reduce personal injury and property loss claims.  This program requires the full cooperation of each driver to operate their vehicle safely and to adhere to the responsibilities outlined in the Heavy Haulage Vehicle.

Safety Program.  Elements of this program include:

•    Assigning responsibilities at all levels of employment.
•    Heavy Vehicle use and insurance requirements.
•    Employee driver's license checks and identification of high risk drivers.
•    Accident reporting and investigation.
•    Company Accident Review Board.
•    Heavy Vehicle selection and maintenance.
•    Training standards.
•    Safety regulations.

2.    Responsibility

    Management is responsible for successful implementation and on-going execution of this program. Safety Supervisor(s) and employees are responsible for meeting and maintaining the standards set forth in this program.

3.    Scope

    This policy applies to employees who operate vehicles on company business and will be reviewed by  managers and supervisors to ensure full implementation and compliance.


1.    Company President:
    The company President is responsible for directing an aggressive Heavy vehicle safety program.Our Safety Motto :We’d “better be safe than sorry”. We see quality of service from our customers’ point of view

2.    Management will:
A.    Implement the Motor Vehicle Safety Program in their areas of responsibility.
B.    Establish measurement objectives to ensure compliance with the program.
C.    Provide assistance and the resources necessary to implement and maintain the program.

3.    Supervisors will:
A.    Investigate and report all accidents involving a Heavy vehicle used in performing company business.  Forward all accident reports to the Vehicle Safety Coordinator.
B.    Be responsible for taking appropriate action to manage high risk drivers as defined by this program.
C.    Provide driver training either internally or through external means for high risk drivers.

4.    Vehicle Safety Coordinator:
A.    Issue periodic reports of losses for the president's review.
B.    Review Heavy Vehicle accident reports as part of the Company Accident Review Board.
C.    Revise and distribute changes to the Heavy Vehicle Safety Program to managers, supervisors and drivers as necessary.
D.    Maintain appropriate records.

5.    Drivers will:
A.    Always operate a motor vehicle in a safe manner as explained under the section titled, "Driver Safety Regulations".
B.    Maintain a valid driver's license and minimum insurance requirements on personal vehicles used in company business.
C.    Maintain assigned vehicles according to established maintenance standards.

                                             ETHICS  AND VALUES

 OZNAKLIYAT Management and Staff accept these Ethics Policies.
1) OZNAKLIYAT Management and Staff will at all times behave in an honest and ethical manner.

2) OZNAKLIYAT Management and Staff will conduct their business in accordance with Group Company rules and Regulations.

3) OZNAKLIYAT Management and Staff witnessing unethical business conduct from internal or external persons shall report without delay to the committee and to management.

4) OZNAKLIYAT Management and Staff shall not be intimidated, influenced or accept facilitation in the course of business.

Culture The culture found within the OZNAKLIYAT Offices maybe recognized as one of maturity and commitment to excellence. A history of business in this region has provided an appreciation of the peoples and their history and manner. This appreciation is reflected in the services provided throughout the companies.

Commitment :

Our commitment to serve honestly, professionally and with complete transparency is our resolve. With a reputation of serving that may be traced back as far as 1951 one may assume this test of time has been well earned.

Ambition :

We are proceeding diligently towards our ambitious targets, which had all been met by the referred to in the  “Image 2023”. In the two Strategic Business Development Period 2012- 2014 and 2014-2023; our regional development has progressed allowing us to mature our Heavy Transport and Quality Management services and trade throughout the region of the Midle East, Black Sea, Africa, Caucausia.

Creativity & Innovation :

We take pride in having presented in recent years the ability to improve services from a cost and speed of delivery factors, both of these are obtained by the wealth of experience and understanding of the sectors in which we are active. Management and staff embrace these skills and continue to revise their function.

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