Warehousing service which is one of the significant indicators of Oznakliyat’s power, now offers high quality standarts with an increasingly level of service advantage. Main services supplied by Oznakliyat are securing warehousing of customer property, loading and handling operations under the supervision of our expert staff. The operations of your imports are executed by Oznakliyat. Our warehouses serve you in the following location and capabilities : 

- Istanbul European Side - HADIMKOY warehouse (accredited by Ambarli Customs) closed / open air  20,000 m2

- Istanbul Asian Side - CEKMEKOY warehouse (accredited by Erenkoy Customs) closed / open air  16,000 m2

Bounded Warehouses are in Status A General Warehouse of Primeministry Undersecretariat of Customs and under the Global Guarantee system. We, as Oznakliyat, aim to serve our customers in the best manner with our investments.

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